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Rising Gate

Stress-free Travels

Rising Gate releases visitors and tourists from various inconveniences
in order to enjoy sightseeing in a stress free way.
We offer a broad range of information and various services.
We want you to use your valuable time on your journey in a meaningful way.
So, by all means, please use Rising Gate's service.






Even if you canʼt speak Japanese, no worries

If you are at the store with LiNGO service, where multilingual correspondence is possible, you can enjoy the sightseeing with ease.

Free Wi-Fi

More Links

In the "Rising Gate" service area, free Wi-Fi is available indoors and outdoors

Foreign Currency

Dollars / Euros can be used

If it is a store that has introduced foreign exchange underwriting service, Payment with US dollar / euro is possible

Payment Services

Cashless Payment Possible

We support multi-national payment services such as Alipay, WeChat, and UnionPay.


Tax Exemption Collectivel

When purchasing tax-exempt items at multiple shops, all tax exemption procedure can be done at once by totaling at tax exemption counters.


Feel more of the Japanese Culture

Samurai, Ninja, Comedy, cityscape, souvenirs, dressing, Japanese food etc.
We will offer you the unique experience that can be experienced only in Japan


Free Tourism Website

Full with information of Asakusa!
Is Free Wi-Fi available?
Where is the recommended place for delicious Sushi?
Where is the good spot for a photo-shoot?
All information can be seen at the website!


Traveling is a vital action for all people to escape the hassle of daily life, to relax and also to
fill their own intellectual curiosity.
Goethe quotes, “One does not travel in order to arrive, but for the sake of travel itself.”
At Rising Gate, we wish all tourists visiting Japan to enjoy the journey
and in return the Japanese people will have pleasure in welcoming them.
In order to remove the “inconvenience” that tourists often feel; to change the opinions of people
who welcome tourists with the fear of “It is hard to deal with foreign customers”
into “It is a joy to have foreign customers.”